Underwater Tunnel to be Built Between Spain and Africa

A new investment project, with a total value of EUR 8 billion, is currently discussed by the Spanish authorities, who are verifying the feasibility of the project. The investment, which refers to the construction of an underwater tunnel, will connect Spain and Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar. The project will be the first of this kind, being the first underwater tunnel that will connect the two continents and, if the authorities will find a suitable construction method to buit this tunnel, it will have a lenght of 38 km. Our team of Spanish lawyers can advise businessmen on the regulations referring to the construction sector in Spain

Feasability of the underwater tunnel between Spain and Africa 

At the moment, there are several challenges related to the construction of this tunnel, as it will be set up at 475 meters below the sea level. Although specialists from a few companies have declared that the project is not feaseble, the ones from the most developed tunnel construction company at a global level declared that the tunnel can actually be built. This statement was also sustained by the experts at the University of Zurich, which conducted an assessment in this sense. 
If the construction of the tunnel will be started, it will connect Spain and Morroco and a large part of the investment will be sustained by the European Unionour team of lawyers in Spain can offer more details on the funding schemes available at the level of the Community. 
The following step related to the construction refers to the creation of a tailor made prototype of a tunnel borer, which will have a total cost of EUR 32 million
The transportation of goods and persons will be carried out only through high speed trains and the currently proposed project does not represent the shortest way between the two regions. Its design, with a lenght of 38 km, was chosen due to geological factors. It is also important to know that only 28 km of the tunnel will be built under the sea, while the rest will be set up at the surface. 
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