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Unemployment to Drop to 16.6% in 2017

Unemployment-to-Drop-to-16.6%-in-2017.jpgThe Spanish economy is expanding, as numerous economic sectors have reported positive results. An important aspect in this sense refers to the employment level, which is increasing in 2017. According to the governmental reports, the level of unemployment predicted for 2017 will decrease to 16.6%. At the same time, it is important to know that the Spanish government will also create new employment opportunities for 8,000 persons, who will be employed in the public sector. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer more details on the employment legislation applicable in this country. 

Spanish budget for 2017  

According to the regulations of the Spanish budget for 2017, all the regional administrations working under the Spanish government will receive a total sum of EUR 5.4 billion, which represents a larger sum than the original allocated budget of EUR 4 billion. 
The respective sum of money will be allocated for the following sectors:
social services;
The new budget allocation is part of the governmental policy related to the increase of the Spanish economy, which also takes into consideration the development of the social welfare spending. 
Investors interested in opening a company in Spain in the above mentioned economic sectors could benefit from the effects of the governmental spending and our team of Spanish lawyers can offer more details on how to register a business here, depending on the economic field in which the respective company will operate. 

Employment, a priority for the Spanish authorities  

The level of employment in a country represents a direct coefficient of the welfare of the respective society. Employment has been a major concern for the Spanish government and the policies carried out so far have been able to reduce the number of unemployed persons
The Spanish unemployment rate decreased steadily in the last years. In 2015, the unemployment rate was of 20.7%, while in 2016 it deacreased at 18.4%. 
In March 2017, the unemployment rate continued to decrease, being situated at 18.2%.  
At the moment, the Spanish authorities focus on the following aspects to further reduce the unemployment levels
a budgetary allocation of 1.7% for student grants and scholarships;
allocation of 4.1% for research and development applicable to companies in Spain;
allocation of 5.5% for employment matters. 
Businessmen who want to find out further information on the employment regulations applicable to companies in Spain are invited to contact our Spanish law firm for assistance. 


  • Ben 2017-05-02

    I do hope that the level of unemployment will be further reduced. Anyway, this is a good information!

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