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Why Overseas Companies Should Hire Workforce From Spain

Why-Overseas-Companies-Should-Hire-Workforce-from-Spain.jpgSpain is the country where the rich culture and the traditions properly combine with the business opportunities for all local or foreign investors. Although the economic crisis badly affected Spain, there are signs of recovery, starting with a low level of unemployment registered in 2016. If you have decided to open a company in Spain, with foreign capital and board, you might want to analyze the labor market in the country and to the benefit of the experienced people, ready to fulfill interesting positions. Our Spanish lawyers are ready to provide you with complete information about the expenses when hiring the available workforce in the country.

Important aspects of the Spanish workforce

According to statistics for January 2017, about 23,000,000 people were registered in Spain on the labor market, the unemployment being settled now an 18.6% rate. Experts say that the political situation in 2016, with more than 300 days without a government, influenced the country, giving new records and achievements in the most important domains like tourism, agriculture, IT, financial services, education or health.
Being the 14th largest economy in the world, foreign investors choose to relocate to Spain and to hire the local workforce. The Spanish people are highly educated and have suitable experience in different domains. Besides that, skilled immigrants from around the world choose to apply for jobs in Spain offered by many local or foreign companies. About 10% of the workforce in Spain represents people working in IT, research and development.
It is good to know that our lawyers in Spain can offer detailed information about the taxation system in the country and about the taxes enforced when employing the locals.

The benefits of hiring the Spanish workforce

The government in Spain tried and succeeded to implement significant reforms related to education and public employment, in order to attract more investors from abroad. Besides these measures, numerous incentives are now available for employers interested in hiring the local workforce. The social security contribution in Spain can be reduced if the employer offers permanent contracts or hire individuals over 45 years. There are also financial advantages for all employers who offer contracts for women with more than one year of unemployment.
As a short conclusion, when we say Spain, we say tapas, Gaudi, important history and excellent football. But there is also an interesting potential related to the skilled and experienced local workforce.
Please feel free to contact our law firm in Spain for extra information about the necessary legal services for your company.


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