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Civil Law in Spain

Civil Law in Spain

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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civil_law_in_spain.jpgThe Civil Code is one of the most important laws in Spain and it came into force firstly in 1889 and then it was amended multiple times during the last years. The introductory part of the Civil Code contains regulations regarding the Spanish legal system, such as the mention that the sources of this system are statues, customs and general legal principles and any provision that contradict another one, but of a higher rank, will be invalid. The rules in the international treaties will not be applied in Spain, if they are not approved by the Spanish authorities and they are not part of the local laws.

The statues will generally come into force no sooner than twenty days after they are published in the Official State Gazette.

The history of the Civil Law

The legal system in Spain is a civil law one and the main sources of law are the following: law, custom and general principles of law. If you need more details about the Civil Code in Spain, you may contact our lawyers in Spain. This type of legal system is very common all over the world and it is also known as the European continental law. The civil law has major elements from the Roman Body of Civil Law since A.D. 565.

The Civil Law is applied on the entire territory of Spain, but there are autonomous communities that have their own civil law system that is applied on certain legal issues. When a local or a foreign investor has a legal matter and he doesn’t know what civil law must be applied, he may contact a law firm in Spain. Our attorneys in Spain will explain him the rules they must obey and will provide legal assistance for any litigation in this country.

The Civil Law has an important tradition in Europe and it was adopted also by countries in other regions, such as Japan and Russia, that wanted to be as successful as the countries in Europe in terms of economic and political power. The countries that applied the Civil Law system use to change the laws frequently and update them and you have to review quite often the rules in order to have an updated version of them.

If you need legal assistance for your business in Spain, you may contact one of our Spanish attorneys who will represent you in front of court of justice in this country.



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