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Company due diligence in Spain

Company due diligence in Spain

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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company_due_diligence_in_spain.jpgEvery foreign investor who wants to make a company acquisition, merger or purchase should firstly perform a company due diligence for finding out as many information as he can about his business partners and the businesses they manage.

The accounting and legal matters are the most important ones and they are the top priorities of our lawyers in Spain who will make the company due diligence report.

The important aspects in the due diligence report can be used by foreign entrepreneurs when they will negotiate the terms of a merger/acquisition or purchase of a Spanish company. The report will include a short history of the company results and an evaluation of the prospects, so the clients would know from the very beginning the risks and the opportunities that come together with the business. The report can also include details about the manufacturing operations, financial procedures, human resources etc.

The content of a company due diligence report

The due diligence report made by our law firm in Spain will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of doing business with a certain company. Our lawyers can also provide legal assistance for negotiating a contract or concluding a deal.

The content of a due diligence report made by our lawyers will be decided according to your business’ needs and the local regulations. This way you will avoid taking a decision that can cost you money and time in the future because you haven’t known from the very beginning a few important details about your business partners. Based on our report, you can take the right decisions regarding your business’ future.

We offer you full information about a certain company and details about its financial situation in the last years and other details that are to be found at the local Trade Register. You can count on our lawyers if you need to find out details about a company that apparently disappeared from the market.

If you need a company due diligence report or any other information about a company in Spain, you may contact our Spanish attorneys.



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