Company Management in Spain

Company Management in Spain

Updated on Friday 27th November 2020

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After opening a company in Spain, it is very important for the future success of the business to make the right decisions regarding the company’s management. In order to succeed in a Spanish company, the investors should know the aspects related to company management, for example, when deciding who will be part of the management team. Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide in-depth assistance on this subject. 

Importance of company management in Spain 

The company management is an important component of any business as it provides the means through which the company’s representatives will impose strategic measures to increase the business value of the company.
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In Spain, it is very important to dress accordingly with the business event parties will attend and show respect to the business partners. The local managers are considered superior to their subordinates due to their knowledge, experience and abilities, and they may have a paternalistic attitude to the other employees.

The Spanish managers may show concern towards the daily responsibilities of their employees. Also, it is important to know that the company’s directors and other management representatives are not expected to ask for professional advice from their employees, who are considered to be inferior in their professional training.  
However, the employees represent a strategic resource of any company operating in Spain and it is highly recommeded to hire suitable personnel, that will be able to perform in a professional manner the activities established under the employment contract. Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide in-depth advice on the main employment regulations applicable here.  

Business relationships, more important than the deadlines 

Even if a manager establishes a deadline for an activity with his or her business partners, the deadline may be postponed, as it may be the case in other foreign companies. In Spain, it is more important to cultivate business relations with other partners. 
Like in other business cultures, in Spain, the decisions are taken at the top management and then they are forwarded to the employees, who will apply the requirements established by the company’s management
The employees are usually used to work together for many years and develop friendship relationships and they are not expected to compete one against another. A manager should know how to develop professional relations with and among the employees in order for them to work at their full capacity.
A Spanish businessman will appreciate the character of another business associate, more than the professional experience of the latter or the business success he or she has in a respective field of activity. An important aspect which should be taken into consideration by a businessman interested in opening a company in Spain is that the Spaniards are used to spending an extend amount of time prior to negotiating a contract
One of the most common aspects referring to company management in Spain is that the Spanish managers may prefer to establish a personal connection with a business partner, as a manner through which the partners may be sure of the fact that they can rely on each other for business purposes. In this sense, it is important to know that Spanish managers may sometimes prefer to conclude verbal agreements for various business deals, but this will not be applicable to major contracts
Investors who need to know more about the company management in Spain may contact our law firm in Spain. Our Spanish attorneys provide company formation advice and help foreign entrepreneurs with additional services, such as accounting and virtual office.