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Company Management in Spain

Company Management in Spain

Updated on Thursday 19th May 2016

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company_management_in_spain.jpgAfter opening a company in Spain, it is very important for the future success of your business to make the right decisions regarding the company management. In order to succeed, you should know the local aspects of the company management, when you decide which persons will be part of the management team.

In Spain it is very important to dress accordingly to the business you attend and show respect to your business partners. The local managers are considered superior to their subordinates due to their knowledge, experience and abilities and they may have a paternalistic attitude to the other employees.

The Spanish managers may show concern towards the daily responsibilities of their employees and their personal life because the relationships are very important in Spain and they are sometimes more important then deadlines. But they are not expected to ask for professional advice from their employees who are considered to be inferior.  

Business relationships, more important than the deadlines

Even if a manager decides a deadline for an activity with his business partners, this deadline needs to be reminded and it may be flexible if it can not be met. Breaking a deadline is not so important if things can be rearranged and the good relationships be maintained.

Like in other business cultures, in Spain, the decisions are taken at the top management and then they are forwarded to the employees who will apply them because most companies have a strict hierarchy. Sometimes the decisions are taken by individuals who don’t agree the team work.

The employees are usually used to work together for many years and develop friendship relationships and they are not expected to compete one against another. A manager should know how to develop professional relationships with and among the employees in order for them to work at their full capacity.

For the business partners of a local entrepreneur, it is important the character of that persons and he will spend some time in order to know better the people he is involving in business relationships with.

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