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EORI Registration in Spain

EORI Registration in Spain

Updated on Wednesday 18th May 2016

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EORI_registration_in_spain.jpgThe foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in Spain should know that they may need to register for an EORI number that is a unique number assigned for companies in the European Community.

The customs authorities in every country from the European Community are in charge for assigning the EORI numbers, after an economic operator registers for customs purposes in a member state. The EORI number is valid in all countries in the European Community and every company that performs import/export activities in Spain needs to register for obtaining it.


When do you need an EORI number?


The EORI number will be generally assigned in the country where your company performed the first import/export activity. If you have already obtained an EORI number in the country where your business was registered, this number can be used also in Spain.

If you need to know more about the EORI number and registration, you may read Commission Regulation (EC) No. 312/2009 that made a few amendments to Regulation (EC) No. 2454/93 and the Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2913/92.

The owners of the companies registered in Spain who need an EORI number may contact the Tax Agency that will assign it. The Tax Agency usually provide an EORI number to all the companies incorporated in Spain that perform import/export activities on a regular basis, but there are certain situations in which the procedure is different.

We invite you to watch this video about the EORI number prepared by our lawyers in Spain:


Who is required to ask for EORI number?


The EORI number is not assigned by default to foreign entrepreneurs and legal entities that are not registered in Spain. It is necessary for these categories of entities to request the EORI number from the Spanish authorities, if they have not received it yet from the authorities in their own country. Firstly, the foreign economic operators must verify if they have already obtained an EORI number in their own country.

If they don’t have an EORI number, they may request it online, at the E-Office in Spain, or in written directly from Spanish Customs and Excise Office or the Department of Customs and Excise.

For more details about the registration for EORI number, the documents you need and conditions, you may contact our attorneys in Spain. You may find out from our law firm in Spain which are the conditions for obtaining the EORI number and in which cases you may needed it.


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