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Foreign Investments in Spain

Foreign Investments in Spain

Updated on Monday 10th October 2016

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foreign_investments_in_spain.jpgThe Spanish economy has begun to recover after the years in which it was strongly affected by the economic crises and the foreign investments have been rising since 2013 when FDI (foreign direct investments) increased by 8.8% comparatively to the previous year and reached a value of 15.8 billion euros.

The FDI are very important for the Spanish economy since 1959 when it was released the Stabilisation Plan for the encouragement of foreign investments.

An important part (nearly one third) of the foreign direct investments in Spain, in 2011, was represented by manufacturing industries. The year 2014 marked an important rise of the foreign investments that increased in just one month from EUR 3.5 billion in June 2014 to EUR 6.5 billion in July 2014.

The level of foreign investments started to increase in 2013, after five years of decreasing due to the financial crises, because the Spanish economy proved to be more competitive and the investors started to benefit from the important opportunities offered by the market in this country. Spain is in the top fifteen countries which have received the largest foreign investments in 2013.

Why invest in Spain

Spain offers interesting opportunities for foreign investments because many multinational companies have their offices in this country, it has a cultural proximity to Latin America and a developed tourism that is well-known all over the world, an efficient network of transport etc.

Spain offers a well trained workforce and a good quality of life that are appreciated by the foreign investors who are also attracted by the legislation that encourages foreign investments. They enjoy a non-discriminatory environment and they are offered the possibility of opening any type of company and they benefit from the same advantages such as the local entrepreneurs.

The foreign entrepreneurs have restrictions in certain fields, such as radio, television, gaming and air transport sectors, but these are applied only to investors who are outside the European Union.

For more details about the foreign investments in Spain and the opportunities offered by this country, you may contact our Spanish lawyers.


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