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Forensic Accounting in Spain

Forensic Accounting in Spain

Updated on Thursday 18th August 2016

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Forensic-Accounting-in-Spain.jpgInvestors who want or need to perform in-depth financial auditing of their company’s documents may opt for forensic accounting, which is a procedure that combines the knowledge of several disciplines. Forensic accounting in Spain is performed by specialists who have extensive knowledge in the field of business, accounting and auditing, as their mission is to combine the techniques used in these domains to provide reliable results which can also be used in the court, in the situation in which an investor is required to provide detailed information on the company’s financial statements. Our team of Spanish lawyers can offer assistance to the businessmen who need to start the forensic accounting procedure

The responsibilities of a forensic accountant in Spain 

Forensic accounting is a procedure which is correlated with legal actions regarding fraud or embezzlement, in litigation cases. Investors have to start the forensic accounting procedure when they are requested to provide further details on the company’s financial documents, which may hide various legal or financial issues. 
A forensic accountant will be responsible to analyse the documents of a company, to provide a clear and understandable image on the financial situation and the way the financial aspects of the company were carried out by those in charge (if they have followed the applicable legislation); our team of Spanish attorneys can offer more details on this matter. 
The accountant will have to perform the following actions: 
analyse the financial documents and gather information;
creating financial applications, useful during the auditing procedure and for the required presentations;
establishing reports, which will be used in the court;
assist in the court; 
testifying in the court on the results of the audit. 

Forensic accounting services in Spain 

The financial specialist will keep a close contact with the entrepreneurs’ lawyers, to whom he or she can offer detailed information on the financial aspects of the company
The forensic accounting procedure can start in the pre-trial stage, in which the accountant will offer an overall image of the current situation. 
Businessmen interested in receiving further information on the forensic accounting services available in Spain can address to our Spanish law firm


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    I am interested in knowing when this procedure should start.

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