Land Registry in Spain

Land Registry in Spain

Updated on Wednesday 18th January 2023

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After the purchase of a property in Spain, it is necessary to register it with the local Land Registry (Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad, Mercantiles y de Bienes Muebles de España – in Spanish). The Spanish Land Registry has over 1,000 offices all around the country and it has a large database containing the names of the owners and details about every plot in Spain. Our team of Spanish lawyers can assist foreign nationals with more details on the process of registration applicable in this case. 

Information about lands in Spain

If a foreign investor or a foreign individual wants information about a certain land in Spain that may be an opportunity for investment, he or she may ask for detailed information at the local Land Registry. The foreign entrepreneur may find details about the owner of a certain land and other useful information for a due diligence procedure before the purchase. The buyer may find if there are any restrictions related to purchase of the land. Although the due diligence procedure is not mandatory, it is recommended to perform this action to verify if the certain property or land may have hidden flaws. 
Below, we present more details on the Land Registry in Spain

The Land Registry will issue a certificate related to a property which contains information about a certain territory and this can be used in the Spanish courts, if it may be necessary. You may find out details about the ownership history, exact size, its delimitation, a full description of the property, the title deeds of the previous owners, charges, mortgages, limitations and other details which may be of interest. 
The Spanish lands are not available only in Spain, but also in other regions, such as the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, the north of Africa (two towns – Ceuta and Melilla), as the Spanish government has sovereignty over these territories; our team of Spanish attorneys can provide more details on the specific legislation applicable in these areas.  

The main advantage of registering a land in Spain

After the purchasing procedure and registration are completed, the ownership rights are transferred to the person who has bought the respective property
It is important to know that the rights of the owner are protected by the Spanish law and, if it may be necessary, such rights can be defended in the court, based on the documents received from the Land Registry and other entities which can testify the validity of the new ownership
The registration of a land protects a property from being sold twice or being sold under unlawful conditions. There were certain issues related to the ownership of lands in southern Spain, so it is very important to register a land immediately after you purchase it.
The foreign entrepreneurs interested in buying a property in Spain have access to information services of the Spanish Land Registry from where they can found out details about a certain land in exchange for a fee. The information can be translated into English.
The Land Registry in Spain is an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Justice; it is important to know that the registration procedure is started by the person who is interested in purchasing a property here. 
Those who need more details about the purchase procedure of a Spanish property and the way in which it can be registered with the Land Registry, can contact our law firm in Spain. Our Spanish attorneys will explain all the procedures for purchasing land and they can provide a real estate due diligence.
If you are interested to acquire a property in Madrid, we invite you to address to our team of lawyers in Madrid, who can represent you in all the procedures concerning the Land Registry, as well as in the procedures prior to addressing this institution. 
Please mind that the price of a square meter in Madrid varies between EUR 2.900 to EUR 5.320 (data measured for the 2nd quarter of 2022). 
Our team can also help you purchase a property in other cities of Spain. We invite you to contact our lawyers in Barcelona if you are interested in commercial or residential properties located here. 
The average price of a property here is of EUR 828,000, with a square meter of property estimated at more than EUR 3,000. The lowest prices can be found in the region of Anoia and Bages
We invite you to address to our real estate lawyers in Spain if you need advice on prices for real estate properties sold for residential/commercial purposes. 
Our team will present the types of documents that you have to prepare for this procedure depending on your nature (the seller/the buyer), as well as details on the property taxes charged to each party. Please mind that notary fees will also apply.