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Legal Services in Spain

Legal Services

Updated on Wednesday 15th February 2017

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Our law firm in Spain provides various legal services for foreign and local clients who are performing businesses in this country. The main legal services offered by our lawyers in Spain are the following:

-    setting up companies in Spain;

If you need to open a company in Spain, you don’t have to travel to this country in order to incorporate it. Our attorneys in Spain can act on behalf of you and register the company with the local Trade Register, after you send them the required documents.


We invite you to watch the presentation below, which depicts the main legal services provided by our lawyers in Spain

In case you don’t know exactly what type of company suits your interest best, our lawyers in Spain can help you take a decision, after they will present you the main advantages and disadvantages of every available type of company in this country. No matter if you decide to open a limited liability company or a joint stock company, our law firm in Spain will help you with the all the legal procedures for the incorporation. We offer you additional services, such as virtual office for your new company, accounting services etc.

opening a subsidiary/branch of your company;

You may need to open a subsidiary or a branch of your company from abroad in Spain – our lawyers in Spain will explain you the differences between the two structures and the legal procedures for incorporation. They will incorporate the new structure on behalf of you as soon as possible.

obtaining special permits and licenses;

For performing certain types of economic activities in Spain, you will need special permits or licenses. You don’t have to travel to Spain in order to obtain them and spend a lot of time in front of the offices of Spanish authorities. Our lawyers in Spain may obtain these on behalf of you and they will represent you in front of local authorities through a power of attorney.

-    mergers and acquisitions;

You may need to sign a contract for a merger or an acquisition and, for legal assistance, you may contact our law firm in Spain. Our lawyers in Spain will explain you the local rules related to mergers/acquisitions and they will help you conclude a contract that respects your interests.

-    liquidation of Spanish companies;

When you want to liquidate your company, you may contact our lawyers in Spain who will explain you the legal procedures and they will assist you during the whole process, no matter if it is a short term procedure or a long time one and you have to be represented in a local court of justice.

corporate and commercial litigation;

Our attorneys in Spain are able to represent you in front of any court of justice, during all the stages of a litigation.

-    tax advice and planning;

Are you interested in minimizing your taxes? Our lawyers in Spain will present you the legal methods for doing this and they will offer you customized solutions in order for your business to save as much money as it is legally possible. 

-          assistance in litigation cases;

With a vast experience in litigation, our Spanish attorneys can assist clients in disputes related to divorce proceedings, child support and alimony when it comes to the Civil Law. Our lawyers can also help investors facing debt collection procedures.

-          legal services for obtaining work and residence permits in Spain;

Foreign citizens immigrating to Spain can appeal to our lawyers if they need assistance to obtain their work or residence permits. Our Spanish attorneys can also help those seeking to obtain Spanish citizenship.

-          assistance in buying property in Spain;

Foreign citizens moving to Spanish cities can request the services provided by our Spanish law firm whether they want to buy or rent property here. From real estate due diligence procedures to drafting sale-purchase or tenancy agreements you can rely on our lawyers. You can also ask us whatever you need to know about the Spanish Real Estate Law.

For details about the legal services offered by our lawyers in Spain, you may contact our law firm.

Our lawyers provide legal services in the main cities in Spain, as you can see on the map below:


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