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Legal Services in Barcelona

Updated on Thursday 24th June 2021

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legal services in Barcelona.jpgOur team of lawyers in Barcelona can provide legal representation to foreign and local businessmen who want to set up a business in this city or in another major Spanish city, and can also help investors in running their company in accordance with the provisions of the local legislation. They are part of our team of attorneys in Spain who provide a wide range of legal services for foreign clients interested in doing business in the following main towns: Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Barcelona.
If you represent a foreign company, or you are a foreign investor interested in starting a business here, you can rest assured on the fact that the entire registration process will run smoothly, as our team of English speaking lawyers in Barcelona are ready to intermediate all the procedures between you, the foreign businessman, and the Spanish institutions.


What are the legal services offered by our law firm in Barcelona?


Setting up a company in Barcelona – this city is one of the most attractive in Spain, especially for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the tourism sector. Our lawyers will provide information about the types of companies available for incorporation and suited for the needs of your business.
After you send us the required documents, you will have to wait just a few days for the registration of your company and then you can start your economic activity. Our law firm in Spain offers additional services, such as virtual office, accounting services etc. for foreign investors. Our lawyers offer you also the possibility to buy a ready-made company, if you can’t wait for the standard incorporation procedure.

Opening a subsidiary/branch of your business – foreign investors who need to open a subsidiary or branch of their business in Spain and who choose Barcelona as their main location may contact our lawyers in Spain, who will help them with the incorporation procedures. They will explain them the differences between the two types of entities and will advise which is best for their business.

Obtaining special permits and licenses – if you want to perform certain types of economic activities in Barcelona, you will need licenses and permits from the local authorities. Our attorneys in Barcelona will represent you in front of the local authorities in order to obtain the licenses and permits you need and you don’t have to travel to this city and wait for the documents to be released.

Mergers and acquisitions – our lawyers in Barcelona offer you legal assistance for signing a contract for mergers and acquisitions and will prepare the documents for concluding this type of business. Our law firm in Barcelona can also help in the liquidation of companies – when you decide to liquidate your company, no matter the reason, you may contact our law firm in Spain and our local lawyers will explain you the entire procedure and they will help you go through all the stages, also in court, if it is required.
If you want to enter a mergers and acquisition procedure, our team of English speaking lawyers in Spain can help you with in-depth advice on the law applicable here and can help in the relation between Spanish and English speaking businessmen. Our team can also explain the tax implications of this procedure and the advantages investors will have in this case. 

Corporate and commercial litigation – our attorneys in Barcelona will represent you in all the stages of a litigation and they will act on your behalf, if you need legal representation in other matters too. We can also offer tax advice and planning – almost every investor is interested in tax minimization methods. 

What are the main steps in opening a company in Barcelona?

In order to be able to open a company in Barcelona, foreign investors will have to follow the same steps that are required for local businessmen, as the legislation applicable here imposes the same rules and regulations regardless of the nationality of the company’s founders. 
The steps for opening a business have to be taken in a certain order, as required by the law. Please mind that given the fact that the national language in Spain is Spanish, all the documents are usually provided in the Spanish language. If you are not familiarized with the Spanish language, our English speaking lawyers in Spain will be able to help you in all the steps that you have to complete. 
One of the first steps you should take when opening a local business is to select and register a suitable trading name for your company. For this, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Uniqueness, which will attest that the company’s name is unique at a national level, regardless if you have registered your company in Barcelona or any other Spanish city
For this, you should be ready to pay a small fee that is payable to the Central Commercial Registry, the entity in charge with the issuance of the certificate. Our English speaking lawyers in Barcelona can help you in this process as well. 
Given that you will open a company for the purpose of developing a commercial entity, you will also need to set up a bank account in your company’s name, which will be used for all company’s transactions, but which is also necessary during the registration process of the company, as the law requires investors to deposit a part of the company’s capital in the respective account – the capital will depend based on the selected company type.
A company in Spain gains legal recognition through its statutory documents, which have to be drafted and signed in front of a notary public in Spain; here, our English speaking lawyers in Barcelona can be of assistance and can present the procedures you should expect during the meeting with the public notary. 
Prior to signing the documents, it is highly recommended to receive legal assistance from our lawyers in Barcelona, in order to verify if the document follows the applicable law and if any provisions have been accidentally omitted. This is an important matter, as the statutory documents will present information on the shareholding structure of the company, the shares owned by each shareholder, the obligations and the rights the owners of the company have and numerous other aspects. 
The company must also apply for a tax identification number from the local Tax Office. At first, the company will be issued with a provisional tax identification number, for the purpose of completing all the steps for its incorporation, and the permanent tax identification number will be issued at a later date, in a period of maximum 6 months since the registration procedure began. Besides these steps, investors should expect the following as well: 
  • pay the transfer tax and the stamp duty – a procedure completed with the Tax Office as well;
  • register the company with the Central Commercial Registry, only after all these steps have been successfully completed;
  • submit a document through which the investors request the beginning of activities – this is done by submitting a formal declaration with the Tax Office;
  • the next step is also completed with the Tax Office, where the newly founded company will be registered for corporate taxation purposes;
  • obtain approval on the company’s books and other accounting registers, which have to be first approved and certified by the Central Commercial Registry prior to actually having the right to use them;
  • apply for a license that grants the right to open the business premises – the document is issued by the Town Hall in Barcelona.

What are the legal services for opening a company in Barcelona?

Our law firm in Barcelona can represent foreigners in all the above mentioned legal situations by offering tailored representation based on the particularities of each case. With regards to the registration of a company, which is a common legal service provided by our team of lawyers, foreigners should expect assistance in various legal aspects, which are presented below. 
Our lawyers can help you in presenting the types of companies that can be incorporated in Barcelona – commonly, investors choose to register a limited liability company or a joint stock company, these being both corporate entities with separate legal personality. Investors can easily register partnerships, but sole traders are available for those who want to set up a small business in their own name. 
Investors can rely on our law firm in Barcelona for in-depth advice on the commercial law applicable here and can benefit from step-to-step assistance on the registration process, depending on the nationality of the applicant. As a general rule, foreign investors who are citizens of the European Union (EU) can easily set up a company here, without any types of restrictions, but non-EU citizens will need to follow a more complex procedure that can be detailed by our team of lawyers in Spain
Here, foreigners may need to obtain a residence permit and to apply for a visa. The visa options prescribed by the Spanish immigration law are created for various categories of citizens and of legal situations (visas for family reunification programs, for employment purposes, for business or investments, for refugees, for tourists and others). 
You can address to our law firm in Barcelona for in-depth legal advice on how to obtain any of these visas; our team can help you prepare the necessary documentation when applying for a business visa, which will grant a non-EU foreigner the right of carrying a business activity here. 

How can our law firm in Barcelona help you in opening a business? 

The process of opening a company in Barcelona is the same as the one of opening a company in any other part of the country, as the same legislation applies. You can rely on our lawyers on numerous legal matters involved in the registration of a business, but, in order to have a more clear image, we will list some of the basic steps related to this process: 
  • obtaining a NIE number – it represents a tax identification number necessary for foreigners;
  • obtaining a certificate of uniqueness – this attests the fact that the company’s trading name is unique at a national level;
  • obtaining a CIF number – it represents a tax identification code necessary for businesses, which is issued through the tax agency;
  • opening a corporate bank account – this procedure is done after the local authorities have issued the NIE and the CIF and it will first be used to deposit the minimum share capital;
  • establishing the corporate structure of the company (shareholders, directors) and drafting and signing the company’s statutory documents. 


What are the main reasons for investing in Barcelona?

Each Spanish region or city provides certain advantages for businesses, as each region has its own business climate, specific characteristics of the local consumer market, top economic sectors and other activities that can have the potential of accommodating a new company. In Barcelona, some of the most important highlights are as follows:
  • tourism – Barcelona ranks as the 6th most visited city in Europe, accounting for 1.63 million visitors arrived here through cruise ships between January – July 2019;
  • foreign investment climate – Barcelona is the home of more than 5,000 foreign companies; 
  • location and connectivity – the city provides the possibility of reaching any other major European city in 1 – 3 hours, as it provides numerous transportation routes by land or air;
  • attractive property market – the Bank of Spain estimated that for 2020, the return on investments in real estate properties had a 10.5% return (analysis referring to residential properties);
  • although in the past, foreign buyers from western European countries represented an important share of property buyers in Spain, now the market is characterized by a notable interest of persons from countries such as the United States of America, Syria, Egypt or Turkey, who purchase properties here with a market value of more than EUR 500,000. 
If you want to find out how you can pay less for your taxes, you may contact our Spanish attorneys who will present you the legal methods for tax minimization. For more details about our legal services offered by our law firm in Barcelona, you may contact us and set an appointment.