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Updated on Tuesday 26th October 2021

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legal services in Madrid.jpgForeign businessmen who come to Spain in order to open a company or close a deal may need legal services provided by a local lawyer experienced in corporate law, business consulting, tax planning, debt collection etc. Madrid is one of the most important cities and the capital of Spain and it is chosen by many investors who want to extend on the Spanish market and open new businesses. Our law firm in Spain provides a wide range of legal services in Madrid and also in other four towns: Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza.

What are the legal services offered by our lawyers in Madrid?

Opening a company in Madrid – if you have chosen the capital city for incorporating a company, then our law firm in Spain will help you with the registration procedures, after you submit the required documents. The incorporation lasts only a few days and you can rely on our Spanish attorneys who will act on your behalf in front of the local authorities in order to obtain all you need for starting your business activity.

Business consulting – many foreign investors don’t know the available types of companies in Spain and what to choose for their business, so our lawyers in Madrid will help them took the right decision according to their business needs and future plans.
Our law firm in Spain offers additional services for companies, such as accounting services, virtual office etc. and the possibility to buy a shelf company instead of incorporating a new one. This is an alternative to waiting for the registration of a new company and it is preferred by investors who don’t want to spend much time with the procedures and need to start business immediately.

Setting up a subsidiary or branch of your foreign company in Madridour attorneys in Spain will explain you the difference between the two types of companies and will let you choose the appropriate form for your business’ needs. They will help you with the incorporation procedure and will offer other legal services related to your business activity.

Obtaining special permits and licenses – depending on the type of economic activity you choose for your company in Spain, you may need certain permits and licenses that can be obtained from the local authorities. You don’t have to waste time and money trying to obtain these documents by yourself, especially if you don’t know well the Spanish public administration and its procedures.

Mergers and acquisitions in Madrid – for legal assistance when you sign a contract for a merger or an acquisition, you will need an experienced lawyer who knows the local legislation related to these contracts. Our lawyers in Madrid will offer you business and legal consulting for signing this type of contracts.

Liquidation of companies – no matter the reasons you want to liquidate your company in Madrid, you can rely on our lawyers who will explain you the steps to follow and the legal procedures and will help you through the whole process of liquidation.

Corporate and commercial litigation in Madrid – if you are involved in a trial in Madrid, our local attorneys may represent you in front of any court of justice, throughout all the stages of a litigation. Our team can help both local and foreign companies involved in various types of litigation cases.  

How can our international law firm in Madrid help in company registration?

If you need legal advice or representation in the process of opening a local company, our team of lawyers in Spain can help you set up a company type. Our team is qualified to provide step-to-step legal assistance, from the initial phases of the registration procedure, to the end of the incorporation, which coincides with the moment when the company is legally ready to start its operations. 
However, our international law firm in Madrid also have the possibility to provide consultancy services and legal assistance even after the company becomes operational. Here, our lawyers can provide tax assistance and can help you register for taxes and submit tax returns and other financial documents, in accordance with the obligations your company has. 
Post-incorporation services can also refer to audit services (a process during which a person who has qualifications in the accounting profession and who has obtained the right to audit companies can verify all the company documents and observe if the documents were maintained following the applicable law and if the documents reveal the real financial situation of the company) and to bookkeeping services. 
Our team of lawyers in Spain can assist foreign and local businessmen in any matter that is related to the employment law – legal assistance in hiring employees (local residents and citizens or foreigners), consultancy services on the types of contracts that one can sign here, information on the tax obligations of the employer regarding the salary of the employee, as well as in matters concerning litigation cases. 
In the event in which the employer and the employee have a litigation case that has to be brought in front of the court, our international law firm in Madrid can help you. We can also represent clients (both employee and employers) who are foreigners and who work in local businesses or in foreign companies that operate through a branch office or a subsidiary in Madrid

Why start a business in Madrid?

As one of the largest cities of the country, Madrid attracts numerous foreign investors from across the world. Madrid has a diversified economy, and business opportunities can be found in a wide range of economic activities and this helps boost the foreign direct investment in the city of Madrid and in its surroundings. Below, investors can discover few important highlights regarding the economy of Madrid
  • Madrid has a population of 3.2 million inhabitants (considering the greater metropolitan region, the population reaches 7.3 million persons); 
  • the population of Madrid and its surroundings develop activities that account for 12% of the country’s gross domestic product;
  • it is also the place with the highest number of companies (more than 500,000 active businesses);
  • at a national level, it is estimated that 1 company out of 5 is registered in Madrid, while from the total of 2,000 large Spanish-based companies, 72% are located in this region;
  • according to the Community of Madrid, the city had a gross domestic product growth of 2.8% in 2019, above the national average, which was of 2.4%. 

What are the main legal services for individuals in Madrid?

Individuals can also benefit from the legal advice of our international law firm in Madrid. Our team can represent locals and foreigners in any matter related to marriage and divorce – getting married in Spain as a foreigner, divorcing, child alimony, custody, the division of the marital property and so on. 
Our lawyer in Spain can prepare the documents that will be submitted to the court, in the event of a divorce. You can rely on our attorney in the case in which you are an immigrant in Madrid or you want to immigrate in this city. Regarding this, our team can present whether or not you need to apply for a visa and when you should start the formalities for obtaining a residence permit, regardless if you arrive here under a visa or not. 
The visas that can be issued for relocation in Madrid must be obtained in accordance with the purpose of stay and this is why it is important to address to a team of specialists who are familiarized with the immigration law, as they can help you prepare the said documents in accordance with the legal formalities applicable in Spain (providing official translation, notarizing documents, etc.). 
Our international law firm in Madrid can help clients purchase a property here, for commercial, residential or industrial purposes. The procedure to buy a local property involves the participation of a lawyer, and we recommend you to get in touch with our team for advice on this, as well as on other services that can be available at our law firm in Spain.  

We can also offer tax advice and planning – for your business activities in Madrid, you may need legal tax minimization methods and therefore our attorneys may help you. If you need other details and information about other legal services provided by our lawyers in Madrid, you may contact us and send your request.