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Marriage in Spain

Marriage in Spain

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Marriage in Spain.jpgIf you are thinking of getting married in Spain, you should know that there is only one type of marriage that is legally recognized in all communities and this is the civil one. Only in certain communities, the civil partnership is legal when the two partners are of the same sex, so you should be informed before getting married in Spain. The religious marriage is recognized by the law and there is no need for a civil marriage in order for the religious ceremony to take place. This is the case for Roman Catholic, Muslim, Protestant or Jewish marriages and the religious ceremony has the same legal status as the civil partnership.

The most common type of marriage in Spain is the civil one and it is fully recognized according to the local laws that provide the rights to inheritance, property, pensions and adoptions for the two spouses who don’t need also a religious ceremony in order to be considered married. A few of these rights, such as property ones and inheritance, are available also for the two partners in a civil partnership.

In order to obtain a marriage certificate, the two spouses must choose the civil marriage even if the religious ceremony is recognized by the local laws.

The civil marriage

The civil marriage in Spain is a bureaucratic procedure and it may take some time, that’s why you should prepare the documents and all you need for the procedure a few months in advance. If the future spouses are foreign citizens and they want to get married in Spain, al least one of them must be a resident in this country, starting two years before the marriage. This general rule can be different in various regions, so you should check before submitting the documents. Details about the conditions for getting married in Spain can be found on the website of the local Ministry of Justice.

The first step of the civil marriage procedure in Spain includes a file signed by the two future spouses that they are available and they meet the legal requirements for getting married in this country. The couple needs a certificate of permission to marry that can be obtained from the local Civil Registry, District Court or Town Hall.

If you are interested in finding out the rest of the steps you have to follow in order to get married in Spain, you may contact our local attorneys. Our law firm in Spain can help you submit the documents for the civil ceremony.


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