Obtaining a NIE in Spain

Obtaining a NIE in Spain

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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The Foreigners’ Identification Number, NIE (“Número de Identidad de Extranjero”), is an identification and tax number required for every official processes ranging from buying a car or a property to paying your taxes in Spain. Without this NIE, Spanish authorities cannot process your annual tax payments (income and wealth taxes) which have to be declared by all property owners.

Who Needs a NIE and What Is It Required For? 

All foreigners who become residents for tax purposes have to obtain a NIE in Spain. Also people who do not reside in Spain and who have bought properties on its territory must comply with the NIE request. Whoever wishes to work or engage in business activities in Spain has to acquire it as well.
NIE certificates are issued for a period of three months. After this amount of time, you are expected to register as a non-resident or apply for residency, because the certificate is no longer valid. In case you consider buying properties in Spain, you must have a NIE before the “escritura”, which means before you sign the documents for purchasing that property. You need to apply a month prior to your signing of the documents and two months if you apply through a consulate overseas. You can contact our attorneys in Spain for further details or counseling with regard to legal matters in Spain.
The NIE is needed for a number of operations, such as:

- opening a bank account;

- paying taxes;

- studying;

- applying for a driver’s license;

- registering with social services;

- being paid for your work.

Applying for a NIE in Spain

A foreigner can obtain a NIE in Spain by following a few steps. First you need to submit the application form and then, if you are in Spain, you have to register with the Oficina de Extranjeros and file some papers, such as: the now-completed form, a document stating the reason why you need a NIE, copy of your passport etc.
In case you need assistance in preparing the documents for NIE, our law firm in Spain can offer you complete services in order to obtain your certificate as soon as possible. With any other legal issues, feel free to contact our Spanish lawyers.