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Open a Hotel in Spain

Open a Hotel in Spain

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Open-a-Hotel-in-Spain.jpgSpain is a popular tourism destination and many entrepreneurs choose to open a hotel in Spain or engage in this sector. Investors may choose to buy an already existing hotel-and recondition it if necessary or build a new hotel in a Spanish city or well-known tourism area.
Our lawyers in Spain can help you know everything about the legislation concerning licensing for hotels and tourism in Spain. We can help you obtain the necessary permits to build and run such a facility in a Spanish city of your choice.

Requirements for hotels in Spain

Entrepreneurs who want to open a hotel in Spain need to obtain a hotel license from the Regional Tourism Authorities. Hotels that have an operational restaurant within their premises will also have to obtain a food handling license.
Those who want to build a hotel in Spain will need to have their building plan and/or project approved by the local authorities. Hotels can only be built if the company or investor has obtained a prior authorization for this type of construction. Moreover, hotels will need to comply with regulations regarding access and facilities for disabled persons. Environment laws and other laws regarding health and safety will also need to be taken into consideration.
Our law firm in Spain can provide you with personalized counselling, if you have a building plan for a hotel in Spain. We can help you complete the formalities for buying the property and commencing the construction of the hotel.

Running a hotel in Spain

The owner of a hotel will have certain duties towards the guests, like making public the rates for the rooms. Apart from the health and safety norms they need to comply with, hotels will also have to comply with the data protection laws that apply because hotels collect guest data. Hotels must keep the data recorded in their registers for a period of five years and, if the situation should arise, communicate the personal data to the Police. 
In order to hire staff for their hotels, investors will need to employ qualified individuals. The employer will need to observe the requirements of the employment law in Spain.
For more information about doing business in Spain or the legislation for foreign investments, you can contact our law firm in Spain.


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