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Open a Restaurant in Spain

Open a Restaurant in Spain

Updated on Wednesday 31st May 2017

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Open-a-Restaurant-in-SpainThe food industry in Spain is one of the most attractive areas of investments as this country is a well-known tourist destination. Spaniards and foreign tourists spend a good amount of their money drinking and eating in restaurants so, opening a restaurant in Spain can be a very successful decision. Before starting a business in this field, you should try to understand how the business environment works and get legal advice from our lawyers in Spain before investing your money in a restaurant.

Things to consider when opening a restaurant in Spain

There are several aspects to look into before opening a restaurant in Spain. Our attorneys in Spain can provide you with detailed information so that your restaurant will be a successful one. Here are a few things to consider:

• Location for the restaurant – city centers and beaches are the most popular places to start a business. The higher the rent is, the more prominent is the location;
• The size of the restaurant – you need to hire employees and manage the logistic procedures. These are important costs for your business;
• Licenses – this is a very important aspect when opening a restaurant in Spain. If you sell alcohol, you will need a license from the local authorities (ayuntamiento). Every municipality has its own requirements. Another important license is the food's handler certificate (carnet de manipulador de alimentos). It addresses safety and public health issues and it is obtained from the regional government. Since a restaurant is an entertainment place, you will also need a music license, especially for the live music.

If you want to open a restaurant, you can receive legal assistance in obtaining these licenses from our attorneys in Spain.

Steps to take in order to open a restaurant in Spain

There are a few more things to do before opening a restaurant in Spain. First of all, you need an identification number (NIE) for your business so that you can rent or buy a property in Spain. You can get this by yourself by going to a Spanish police station with a valid identity document. Then you need to choose the type of business you want to engage in.

There are a lot of option for you: sole proprietors, partnerships or different types of companies. Register your restaurant in Spain; this registration is three fold: with the local authorities (licencia de apertura), with the Trade Register (for tax purposes) and with the social security office. After these steps are accomplished, you can finally start the economic activity at your restaurant in Spain.

For details about the business registration procedure, please contact our law firm in Spain.


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