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Open a Travel Agency in Spain

Open a Travel Agency in Spain

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Open-a-Travel-Agency-in-Spain.jpgSpain is one of the most visited countries in Europe and investors who open a travel agency in Spain use the country’s cultural charm to attract tourists and promote their business. Tourism is an important contributor to the country’s economy and Spain has always been a preferred destination for those looking for summer resorts and beaches.
Many foreign investors who are interested in starting a business in Spain will choose the tourism sector because of its popularity and the many niches they can exploit in this business sector. Our lawyers in Spain can help you know everything about the laws for foreign investments, if you want to open a travel agency in Spain. 

Tourism in Spain

Spain is well known for its vibrant cities like Barcelona and Madrid, the cultural blend and landscape variety. The country is proud to exhibit its historic influences and heritage and it welcomes tourists to its famous beaches and coasts on the Mediterranean Sea. 
Beach resorts are the most popular tourist attractions in Spain and this type of tourism is the most developed in the country. However, cultural and business tourism are also becoming more popular in Spain. The country’s most popular cities are also important commercial and business centers and a destination for fashion, science, sports and arts enthusiasts. Spain has thirteen cities on the UNESCO World Heritage Cities list and a total of 44 sites as determined by the organization.

How to open a travel agency in Spain

Travel agencies in Spain can provide various services for their clients, from complete holiday packages to those that contain only reservations for airline tickets and accommodation. Depending on the season and targeted customers, travel agencies can also provide leisure cruises on the Mediterranean Sea or entertainment and event tickets as well as car rental reservations.
In order to open a travel company in Spain, the investor will have to choose the right type of company and open a bank account to deposit the minimum share capital, as required by law. The company registration procedure in Spain is simple and our experts can help you fulfill all of the requirements. Alternatively, foreign companies can open a branch or a subsidiary in Spain.
For more information about the business start-up costs or other investment opportunities, you can contact our law firm in Spain.


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