Updated on Wednesday 16th October 2019

Below, our readers can see a part of the articles about our lawyers, published in various business magazines. Some of the articles presenting the services of are the following: 


1. The legal entities that can be registered in Spain

"Spanish businesses can also be formed as a partnership, or sociedad civil. Like in most other countries, partnerships in Spain involve two or more business partners who all contribute cash, labour, property or other items of value to the business."


2. Investment visas in Spain: how to apply for the Spanish citizenship

"European countries are usually more flexible, as it is the case of Spain. Even so, some advice from a law firm in Spain wouldn’t hurt in order to speed up the process. Once the application is accepted, the procedure for starting the business can commence.(...)"
"Setting up a company in Spain, for instance, will require additional application forms and passport copies.An important step for opening a company as a foreigner is to register the company for taxation. This is a mandatory requirement in all the countries in the world and is usually completed at the same time with the registration with the Commercial Register.(...)"
"Most countries will issue a business license once the company is registered, however this license will only certify that the business has the right to operate in that country. For specific activities, companies will usually need other special licenses issued by competent authorities in those industries. As an example, the licensing requirements for opening a company in Spain target specific activities and their related industries.(...)"
"Spain is a beautiful country and many foreigners and expats are looking to buy a dream property, whether in a large city or along the coast. Foreigners have the same rights as locals when buying a home and need to observe the same main regulations related to purchasing a property in Spain.(...)"
"Choosing the right type of company, when incorporating abroad, is another important step when expanding the company. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their limited liability company in Spain to another country might want to consider incorporating the corresponding legal structure.(...)"