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Property Litigation in Spain

Property Litigation in Spain

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Property-Litigation-in-Spain.jpgProperty litigation in Spain can occur in a number of cases. When disputes arise regarding a certain property, either land or real estate, it is better to request the services of a law firm in Spain that can help you take legal action or simply advise you in a certain matter.
Disputes or disagreements can arise between the landlord and the tenant, when buying or selling a property. Our lawyers work with commercial or residential property owners and can give you legal advice and counselling for dealing with numerous property disputes.

The Spanish property law

The Spanish property law governs all actions related to the sale or purchase of property and/or land as well as renting and dividing property for joined ownership purposes. The team of lawyers at our law firm in Spain specialises in all areas of property law and our experts can also help you with commercial law issues. We can help you clarify any disputes that arise in the following areas:
- property litigation claims;
- division of joint ownership;
- forced sale;
- termination of sale/purchase agreements;
- disputes between landlords and tenants and many others.
The court hearings will be carried out in Spanish. 

Solutions for solving property disputes in Spain 

Court litigation for property disputes is subject to a statute of limitations. In Spain, there are several time-frames within which an individual can initiate legal action: 30 years for real estate disputes and 20 years for mortgage disputes. Any legal disputes that arise from purchase agreements and can evolve to property litigation cases have a statute of limitations of 15 years.
Alternative dispute resolution methods in Spain include negotiation, mediation and arbitration. One of our lawyers in Spain can help you with court representation or either one of these alternative methods.
Contact our law firm in Spain if you need legal assistance for a property litigation case.


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