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Relocate to Spain

Relocate to Spain

Updated on Monday 07th August 2017

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Relocate-to-Spain.jpgThe procedure on relocating to Spain differs depending on the nationality of the person who wants to move in this country, as well as on the purpose which determines the relocation (short-term or long-term relocation, business or study purposes and others). Persons who want to move to Spain must know that approximately 6% of the country’s population is represented by foreigners; our team of Spanish lawyers can offer legal assistance to those who want to live in Spain. Our lawyers can also provide legal advice on the documents that have to be obtained during this procedure. 

Citizens who do not need a visa for Spain 

As a general rule, most of the foreign citizens who want to relocate to Spain will need to obtain a designated visa. However, the regulation is not applicable for the citizens of the European Union (EU), who can relocate here without obtaining various legal documents. At the same time, it is important to know that citizens of the European Economic Area (which includes Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) benefit from the same regulations. 
Foreigners who are citizens of a country with which Spain has signed the Schengen Agreement will also benefit from a simpler procedure when moving to this country. For the first 90 days since the arrival, such citizens will not be required to receive special immigration documents. Our team of lawyers in Spain can provide further advice on the regulations of the Schengen Agreement

Permanent relocation in Spain 

In the situation in which foreigners will want to relocate here and become permanent residents of the country, the immigration legislation requires the issuance of certain legal documents. The regulation is also available for EU citizens, who will have to obtain specific documents, as follows: 
Numero de Identidad de Extranjero (foreign identity number);
Tarjeta de Residencia (residency card). 
The procedure should be completed in a period of three months after the arrival in Spain

Obtaining a visa in Spain 

Other citizens will need to apply for a specific visa, which can be issued on the following legal grounds: 
family reasons;
In order to obtain a Spanish visa, foreign citizens are required to apply at the Spanish embassy registered in their country of origin.
Our team of attorneys in Spain can provide in-depth assistance on each of the above mentioned situations. Please contact our law firm in Spain for legal advice and representation. 


  • Brenda 2017-08-04

    Good day, Lawyers Spain! I am a citizen of USA and I would like to relocate here, but only for a period of three years, for business purposes. I am interested in knowing the costs associated with the procedure, as I want to move there in mid 2018. Thanks!

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