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Residence Permit for Investors

Residence Permit for Investors

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Many non-EU citizens need a visa if they want to enter Spain. However, if you are a foreigner who wants to invest in Spanish property, then you can be granted the Golden Visa which offers the qualified residency you need. This law that was enacted in 2013 has the objective of attracting more entrepreneurs in the country and also of stimulating foreign investment in real estate, job creation etc.

Conditions for Obtaining the Golden Visa

Some requirements need to be met if a foreign investor wants to obtain the Spanish Golden Visa, such as:

- a minimum investment of 500,000 euro;

- the investments can be put into more than one property for the above minimum purchase price;

- your investment can be made through a foreign legal entity once you can prove that you own most part of it;

- there is no limit on the time spent in the country and being a tax resident is not mandatory;

- you can acquire the investment residence permit from the moment you have signed the sales contract.

Our law firm assists the clients on all steps of acquiring the Spanish investment residency.
The documentation for this type of visa should not take more than fifteen days to complete and you, along with your family, are allowed to work from the first day in Spain, as you are all under the Golden Visa. Another important aspect is the fact that the Spanish investment residence permit does not need renewal within five years.

Requirements for a Spanish Residence Permit

Some of the demands that are mandatory to be met are:
- you should not have stayed illegally in Spain;
- you have to be at least 18 years old;
- you should not have been refused the entry in any of the countries from the Schenghen area;
- you also need health insurance in order to operate in Spain;
- your economic situation should be sufficient to cover personal/family expenses;
- a proof of the investment (through a Registry of Property) like a certificate attesting ownership.
If you need further information or guidance through the process of obtaining a residence permit for investors, feel free to contact our lawyers in Spain.

Other Aspects of the Spanish Investment Residence Permit

This type of residency can be granted to foreign investors and it means the right to live in this country and also to travel freely to Spain. It does not, however, grant citizenship; this can be made by applying afterwards.
The family of the investor obtaining this visa can permanently live in Spain, having access to schools and eventually having the possibility of being granted the access of studying in other universities of Europe.
The investment made can include:

- several or just one property;

- residential, rural, industrial, touristic or commercial type of property;

- land (rural, developed), decrepit or under-construction buildings.

The money invested must come from a transparent source complying to the laws and regulations.
Our Spanish lawyers can prepare all necessary papers for you in order to ensure that you obtain this type of residency permit or the one that best suits your field of interest and your needs.


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