Set up a Business for Selling Household Goods in Spain

Set up a Business for Selling Household Goods in Spain

Updated on Wednesday 07th August 2019

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Set-up-a-Business-for-Selling-Household-Goods-in-Spain.jpgHousehold goods cover a wide range of consumer products, that can be found in different types of stores, from small shops to large businesses, such as supermarkets. The definition of household goods can cover basically all the tangible objects that can be found in a home – in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms, basements, attics, the hallways of the house or its backyard (if applicable). 
Thus, those opening a company in Spain as a store that sells household goods can basically sell any type of product that can usually be found in a person’s home. The term takes into consideration all the goods that can be categorized as movable personal property and thus, when starting this type of business activity, the company’s representatives can sell all these products, as long as the store where the products are sold provides the necessary conditions for the sale of these goods. 
However, with the development of the online environment, such consumer goods can also be sold on the internet and this is applicable to all the products that are considered household goods, from small items, such as bedlinen, to furniture or various electrical products. Our team of lawyers in Spain can assist businessmen with in-depth information on the main requirements for opening a website or a traditional store for selling household goods.  

What are the main categories of household goods in Spain? 

Since the objects that can be found in a household in Spain are designed for a wide range of purposes, they have to be divided by categories. When opening a company that sells household goods in Spain, the store will be arranged taking into consideration different categories of household items, as it is the case of large furniture companies that also sell other goods that can be found in a home. Some of the main categories of household goods are presented below: 
  • consumer electronics, such as computers, radios, microwave ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, televisions and others;
  • furniture, such as chairs, cabinets, couches, beds, desks, lawn chairs, dressers, wardrobes and others;
  • small kitchen objects: dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, mugs and other objects used for cooking;
  • objects for babies and children – it can refer to clothes, toys, furniture designed for small children;
  • various types of fabrics, sold as blankets, towels, drapes, curtain rods, sheets and others. 
It is necessary to know that businesses which operate in this sector sell products which are considered cyclical consumer products. This business sector is of high importance for any economy, as most of the persons will generally need to change various products over the years. 

Why open a household appliances business in Spain? 

One category of household goods that can be sold in Spain is the household appliances. The household appliances refer to all the electronics that can be used in a household (they can be used in cooking, cleaning and for other purposes). Some of the main reasons for investing in this sector are presented below: 
  • the revenue of the household appliances sector in Spain is estimated to reach $1,320 million in 2019;
  • this value will represent an increase of 17.6% compared to the revenues of 2018;
  • by 2023, the household appliances sector is estimated to reach $2,170 million;
  • there are 12,2 million users of household appliances in Spain;
  • this represent a user penetration rate of 26.3% at the level of 2019;
  • for 2023, the user penetration rate for household appliances is estimated at 38.6%. 

What are the characteristics of the household goods market in Spain? 

Businessmen who want to register a company here in this industry should know the current characteristics of the market. Although the household appliances sector increased at a very rapid pace, overall, the household goods industry registered an increase, but it represents a moderate increase compared to this sub-sector. Our team of Spanish lawyers can provide in-depth information on the regulations that can apply to this industry. 
It is necessary to know that the local market is generally oriented towards exports, especially in the case of Spanish manufacturers involved in the production of household products. The local consumer market registers a high demand for household products that originate from China; our lawyers in Spain can provide more information on the import-export regulations available here. 
As a general rule, local companies are more inclined to invest in this sector through an online business and numerous investments are observed in the e-commerce sector. Businessmen can request for legal advice on how to enter this industry from our law firm in Spain; our Spanish lawyers can advise on the procedure of obtaining various permits necessary for this activity, based on the types of products that will be sold here.