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Special Permits and Licenses for Doing Business in Spain

Special Permits and Licenses for Doing Business in Spain

Updated on Wednesday 12th July 2017

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Every foreign investor who wants to open a business in Spain should know that he or she will need certain licenses or permits issued by the local authorities for performing certain types of economic activities. The Spanish authorities that must be contacted for these permits are the municipal and regional bodies where you need to begin your business. Our team of attorneys in Spain can offer in-depth advice on the documents that must be submitted when applying for special permits and licenses.
If you don’t know the legislation in Spain and the local authorities that manage certain fields of activity, you may address your requests to a law firm in Spain. The Spanish attorneys can act on your behalf and obtain the necessary documents from the local authorities through a power of attorney.
Your obligation is to provide the required documents that will be submitted to the Spanish authorities by a local lawyer, no matter what type of permit or license you may need. In this sense, our team of Spanish lawyers can provide legal advice and in-depth assistance for all the steps related to the issuance of a license or a permit
More information on the special business permits and licenses in Spain are presented in the video below:

If you want to modify the premises in which you perform your business activities  – demolish certain parts, modernize, build a new structure etc., you will need a construction permit for which you will pay a fee. Other types of licenses are required if you intend to open a travel agency, a repair shop, a tattoo studio and they can vary depending on the specific operations carried out by the Spanish company

Obtaining Spanish business permits 

When conducting a business activity in Spain, the investors will be required to obtain special permits and licenses that will be issued in accordance with the business activities of the company. 
In the situation in which the investor purchased land in Spain and he or she is interested in developing a construction project for business purposes, it will ne necessary to receive a construction license (licensa urbanistica). 
The businessmen will need to pay a fee for the issuance of the licensa urbanistica, which will depend based on the surface of the respective building
Any company operating in Spain will need an opening license issued by the Town Council in Spain. In this sense, the investors will have to present various aspects of their new company, such as:
a map depicting the premises of the business location;
a description of the company’s main business activities;
a receipt attesting that the company registered for tax purposes and paid the required taxes. 
When applying for an opening license, the company’s representatives should also provide documents such as: 
lease contract/ deed of the company’s premises; 
the company fiscal identification number;
company’s articles of association.
Another important aspect is that companies in Spain also require a business license, which presents information on the ownership of the company. In the situation in which the company will have new owners, the investors will need to change the business license, providing details on the modified ownership.
The regulations in Spain also stipulate that specific business activities will require specific special permits. This can be the case of companies operating in agriculture, import-export, IT industry and numerous others.
If you need more information about the permits and licenses required for a certain business activity in Spain, you may contact our law firm in Spain. Our Spanish attorneys will help you obtain the documents you need without the obligation of presenting yourself in front of the Spanish authorities.


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    Hello, thanks for the presentation, it is very useful! I am interested in knowing what are the fees for the issuance of a cuenta propria work permit. Thank you.

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