The Minimum Capital Share for Spanish Companies

The Minimum Capital Share for Spanish Companies

Updated on Tuesday 07th February 2017

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The-Minimum-Capital-Share-for-Spanish-Companies.jpgThe minimum share capital for Spanish companies is established in accordance with the type of legal entity under which the respective business will carry its commercial operations. Depending on the business structure chosen by the investors, the minimum share capital should be fully or partially deposited in the corporate bank account opened for the respective company. Our team of lawyers in Spain can offer an in-depth presentation on the capital requirements established for Spanish companies

Share capital for joint stock companies in Spain 

Businessmen can start a company in Spain registered as a  joint stock company. The minimum share capital for this legal entity is established at EUR 60,000. The capital contribution can be provided in various forms, not only money. The capital can also be represented by various assets (goods and intellectual property). 
It is required that during the incorporation procedures, the company’s capital to be fully subscribed. Moreover, it must be paid up to at least a quarter from the value established for a share. Our team of attorneys in Spain can provide more details on how to subscribe the share capital for the joint stock company

Share capital for limited liability companies in Spain  

The limited liability company is the most common type of legal entity registered in Spain. The minimum share capital for the limited liability company (LLC) in Spain is established at EUR 3,000. The capital must be fully deposited during the incorporation of the company. However, investors should know that an LLC can have a capital below EUR 3,000, provided that certain conditions are met. 
The capital of the LLC must be divided into shares, which can’t be generally transferred to another party, unless the respective party is represented by another shareholder or a close family member of the shareholder. 
All companies registered in Spain are required to open a bank account and it is important to know that different regulations may apply, depending on the bank with which the investor is choosing to collaborate with. 
Our law firm in Spain can offer more details on the legal requirements related to the company’s share capital. Please contact our lawyers for any other legal matter related to this subject.