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Virtual Office in Spain

Virtual Office in Spain

Updated on Friday 30th June 2017

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Every foreign investor who opens a company in Spain will need a registered address for that respective company and an office for daily activities. If the entrepreneur doesn’t need a specific office to carry the current business operations, he can choose a virtual office that provides a business address. A virtual office is a cost-efficient solution for those investors who operate on the Spanish market in a less traditional way. This type of office is recommended to both local and foreign investors who are interested in a flexible way of running a business; our team of Spanish lawyers can offer assistance for obtaining a virtual office in Spain

The main advantages of a Spanish virtual office 

The virtual office represents a modern method to decrease the costs associated with the registration of a new business. At the same time, it provides a prestigious business address that will offer reliability amongst the business partners of the investor. 
The virtual office is not only a business address where several operations can be carried out; the office also offers several additional services – such as modern technologies, which are absolutely necessary when performing businesses in the modern world. 
More details on the Spanish virtual office are available in the video below:

The idea of a virtual office was firstly introduced in 1994, in USA, where Ralph Gregory created "The Virtual Office, Inc".
The main advantages of having a virtual office refer to the reduced costs associated with a traditional office space, but also to the professional communication means provided to the foreign entrepreneur. It is important to know that the virtual office represents a very useful solution during the economic crises, when nearly all investors are looking for different ways to reduce the operating costs, without losing their prestige or market share; our team of Spanish attorneys can offer more details. 


How to obtain a virtual office in Spain

Foreign entrepreneurs who set up companies in Spain may choose to carry their businesses through a virtual office, which can be established with the assistance of our law firm in Spain, where the investors can receive company formation services and additional services available for numerous cities in Spain
The virtual office can offer the following services:
-    a local phone number, in the city chosen by the investor to perform business activities;
-   answering services;
-  voicemail services – our clients have the possibility to convert voice messages into e-mails and then send them wherever they need;
-    call redirection – the calls that are made to the virtual office are redirected to the investor’s phone number;
-    local fax number;
-    collection of bank statements.
Businessmen can also benefit from the meeting rooms available in a virtual office, where they can meet with their business partners of employees. The businessmen can benefit from various services and products which are customarily needed in this setting: white-boards, catering services, audio and visual devices and many others.  
Those who need to communicate in an efficient manner with various partners or other parties can request the services of the teleconference room, which provides all the devices necessary in this situation. 
In the modern world, internet services are absolutely necessary and the virtual office can accommodate such needs, by providing high quality internet speed. 
For more information about the services available at the virtual office, foreign investors can contact our law firm in Spain. Our Spanish attorneys will present the main advantages provided by a virtual office.


  • Mary 2016-07-22

    I think this type of office is most suited to young entrepreneurs, who are very familiar with the modern devices and who are not that interested in performing business activies in the traditional ways, with a fixed schedule.

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