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Why Start a Business in Spain

Why Start a Business in Spain

Updated on Friday 17th March 2017

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why start a business in spain.jpgSpain is not only a country good for retirement, but it also offers many business opportunities for foreign investors interested in opening a business or extending on the Spanish market. After the long years of economic crises that strongly affected the business environment and workforce, Spain has become again a business destination because many economic sectors have been recovered and they are ready for a new rise. Spain is the eighth largest economy in the world and that is a very important information for businessmen eager to start a company there.

This country is chosen by many entrepreneurs who are attracted also by the good climate, nice landscapes, culture, the relatively low cost of life and the possibility to start a business for a long term in a country where they may retire.   

Legal services for starting and performing a business

After starting a business in Spain, you will hire easily employees because the unemployment is still high and there are a lot of experienced workers searching for a job. The most common type of company in Spain is the limited liability company that is simple to set up, helped by a local lawyer. The Spanish attorney will also provide you useful legal services for your economic activity, especially at the beginning of your business, when you don’t know the particularities of the legislation in Spain. Hiring a law firm in Spain for setting up a business in this country is useful because you will escape the Spanish bureaucracy that may be bothering sometimes.

More details on the business environment available in Spain are presented below: 

The Spanish market is well-known as a competitive and developed one and the Spanish authorities started a privatization programme for attracting investors, both local and foreign. The foreign entrepreneurs can benefit from incentives if they want to invest in certain regions or sectors of economy. If you are interested in finding out more about these incentives, you may contact our law firm in Spain.

Many foreign investors who have small businesses are interested in opening a restaurant or a bar in Spain, a country that is famous for this sector of economy and for the lifestyle in which these little businesses are an important part. Other prefer to register a business in the tourism sector that is highly developed in this country that attracts millions of tourists every year.

The real estate sector also offers important business opportunities especially now, when the prices are low. Many foreign investors come to Spain in order to buy a property for rent. If you need legal advice for starting a business in this country, you may contact our law firm in Spain.



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